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Sabor y variedad... nos hacen únicos

Fresh Bread

Find a big selection of sweet bread from México and Central American countries made with quality ingredients.

Tortillas & Masa

Our tortillas are made daily with fresh masa ground in our location. Masa para tortillas, tamales, pupusas y más.

Delicious Cakes

We make cakes for different occasions. Our cakes are made with quality ingredients and come in a variety of flavors.

Authentic Food

At La Adelita, we cook every day a variety of authentic and delicious food from different places of Latin America.

Fresh bread... every day

We also bake daily a big variety of sweet bread like:

Conchas, Cuernitos, Galletas, Elotitos, Lenos, Monos, Lenguas, Pan Cubano, Bigotes, Enmantecadas, Huesos, Bolillos, Teleras and much much more!


Keeping tradition alive with authentic recipes from Latin American countries.


It is our responsibility to serve quality food, bread and tortillas to our customers.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve our community with the service they deserve.


We know that our comnunity is made up of different cultures, hence our variety of food.